Freedom is an energetic stylised piece…the figure rises-up on its toes in a form of physical and emotional release


Joy is an abstract figurative piece that captures the exuberance of dance and joie-de-vivre


Affirmation is an abstract dance piece. The male dancer holds the female dancer aloft with her arms raised. It is uplifting and aspirational…..’ad-astra’.  


en-pointe is calm, with the arms aloft in relaxed but highly controlled pose. The pose is elegant and poised.

The Great Wave

The Great Wave is an abstract piece of circular form. A boat, distinguishable by its bronzed patina, is engulfed by a mighty wave.

Guitar Guy

“What astonishes me is how you can cajole a piece of inert metal into such intense, concentrated movement . . . the sculpture replicates the sense of movement,…


Cirque is a piece inspired by Cirque de Soleil.